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"The decline in enrollment numbers for youth baseball is alarming. To think kids will miss out on all of the wonderful things baseball teaches including teamwork, dedication, striving to reach a common goal, keeping your body strong and fit, etc. has inspired me to do my part to put a halt to this decline. That is why I started Get Coached. Sandlot Sports was my first project and I took it to a level that most couldn’t foresee happening. But I wanted more and I wanted a bigger audience, so 2017 brought forth change."

- Russ Cohen, President


Our mission at Get Coached is to provide quality baseball instruction at the most critical time in a players development.


Hitting or pitching instructors are a dime a dozen. But if you want a company that offers any type of baseball instruction in an organized, efficient way, Get Coached is the only choice. And most importantly, WE WILL COME TO YOU! While we still offer clinics and practices out of a few convenient, designated facilities, we are also able to come to YOUR facility or field and provide exactly what you need. You get excellent instruction wherever you train.



GC Catching Academy is designed to give catchers an all around approach to getting better. Classes will consist of a flexibility and lower half strength program as well as learning techniques in all areas of catching, most importantly stances, and receiving, blocking, and throwing. Classes give players a chance to learn on a weekly basis, but most importantly to get high volume repetitions that allow them to take what they have learned and apply it. Repetitions allow catchers to feel comfortable behind the plate and trust the work they have put in. Until we have reached a level comfort behind the plate, we cannot expect the best from ourselves as SHUT DOWN catchers and, more importantly, as LEADERS!



Get Coached is the brand to trust for quality baseball instruction.  We hold our coaches to the highest standard.  They have not only played at some of the highest levels, but they also have extensive teaching and training experience.  Our team includes coaches from the Little League level to Varsity, College and even the Professional level.  They excel at identifying player's areas of strength and weakness and helping them develop into the best players they can be.  If your child is ready to hone their skills, get serious about hitting or pitching, and "Get Coached".



Coaches at many levels are graciously volunteering their time.  They already have one of the most important tools required of any coach:  Dedication.  Our goal when  training is to help your coaches take it to the next level.  We will give them all the knowledge they need to become effective confident leaders who get the most out of their players.  We will show them how to PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE so their players are ready for everything that happens during live play.  For more information, please contact:


No one better than to hear it from the coaches and parents we have, and continue to work with.  We train with baseball and softball organizations all over the tri-state area. 


"Your camps and clinics are the best. The confidence and instruction that the kids get is top notch!"

- Kevin W. Driscoll, GC Grit Parent

“The best coaches and teachers, hands down.”​
- Larry King, Rockland Elite


“Russ and the Get Coached coaches are the best in the business.  Our kids have improved year over year over year and we use Get Coached at all levels for off season, and in-season training.  THE BEST!”​
- Tom Prendergast, Generals Baseball


"No one knows more about catching than Russ. He's the best around, hands down!!!!!!"

- Erica Fleming Salerno, GC Grit Parent


"Russ and his team of coaches work hard to develop baseball players on and off the field. Our boys have gained confidence to succeed in all aspects of their lives."

- Wes & Laura Miller, GC Grit Parent

"I am not sure that there is a better compliment than having a coach treat your son like he is his own!"

- Dan McKenna, Game On Fury


"Your clinic brought them to a whole new level... both physically and mentally!"

- John Duffy, GC Grit Parent


"I really enjoy the way you are with Nate. You read him very well. You push him to close to his limit and constantly encourage him. He leaves dragging and loves it.  Thanks again!

- Rob Labbe, GC Grit Parent

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